Everything started at 'Cafe De Fred', in the heart of Kensington. Fred- a lovely man, generous and full of kindness and me, his business partner - Judith were planing to expand and do something more. And the idea to open sister shop for 'Cafe De Fred' - a crêperie became our life...After a very long planing and learning we finally found a perfect place in Richmond...And here it is... 

La Crêperie 'Cinq Maisons' is a place where you can find sweet and savoury traditional french  crêpes. Everything is home made including the batter , the one we mix daily  with love and passion. Sweet crêpes are all loved ones and known for a very long time. And the savoury ones are made of buckwheat  flour and you can filled them with anything you like.  Also it's gluten free! 

Everyone loves crêpes. No matter how old you are or whatever is the occasion. So we are happy to welcome you here, in the place where the wishes come true! 

12 BREWERS LANE, TW9 1HH, RICHMOND SURREY |  richmond@creperie5maisons.co.uk |  02089400987

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Opening hours:

Monday - Friday   10am - 8pm

Saturday              9am - 8pm

Sunday                 11am - 6pm